Project Communications

Company Communications is an area of expertise usually handled by a professional company communications department.

A problem that is generally faced is that the communications department finds it difficult to explain complex technology issues in layman's language, usually because nobody in the communications department has training or qualifications in technology.

Another component of the problem is that many technologically qualified people write or speak about technology in a complex highbrow form not suited to the lay public. Frequently company communications department people don't even understand their own technology professionals. There is a gulf of understanding between the two! Stratek performs the role of "translating" complex technology issues into layman's language suitable for any target audience. Target audiences can be senior government or company executives who are not technologically qualified, or it could be the general public, or a special interest group.

The issues tackled by Stratek range from the technical part of the Technology Triangle to issues of project strategy or tactical planning.

Services provided by Stratek include: