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The objective of Green & Gold Forum is to bring the scientific truth to the public and to national decision-makers. All environmental issues have fundamental scientific truths buried in them somewhere, even though at times some groups and individuals set out to deliberately obscure these truths.

As a consequence, G&G is prepared to expose double-dealing, hocus pocus science, and the intentional bending or omission of facts. We make no apology for deriding those who deserve it. On the other hand we love opportunities to congratulate and praise those individuals and organisations who deserve such praise.

Why the name Green & Gold? Green stands for environmental concern and awareness, which should be the duty of every responsible citizen. Gold stands for economic progress, and as a consequence, the improvement of the living standards of all people. Both the Green and the Gold should be in balance and neither should cause damage to the other.


G&G Forum has a formal link with the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) in Washington DC, and also has links in a number of other countries. Visit CFACT at

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